Available for Android and iOS today, the Earth Rewards app connects climate-conscious shoppers with popular and sustainable retailers offering money saving offers on all their stores as well as carbon offsetting environmental reward points back on every shop. Members can spend points exclusively in the Earth Rewards app to offset their carbon emissions and support the fight against deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.

Competitive offers at over forty top retailers are available at launch with a variety of deals across fashion, home & beauty, travel and more. …

When we hear about blockchain, its inevitably in relation to Bitcoin. But blockchain is a technology that goes way beyond this.

When blockchain first began to enter our psyche it referred to a digital coin — Bitcoin. Without going into a full technical history, Bitcoin was developed as a currency with no central bank or government control. Computers were used to solve mathematical equations and solving these puzzles, people were rewarded with Bitcoin, which had a value. This was called “mining”. As one puzzle was solved, the equations became more difficult, so the computing power required to solve them increased.

Mathew Lawrence

Sharing news stories related to the environment and carbon offsetting

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